Limited Warranty For NIKKON LED Lighting Products

This limited warranty is provided by NIKKON Lighting Pty Ltd as described below (“Manufacturer”) to you as the buyer of NIKKON branded fixture “Luminaire” that is stated on Seller’s invoice. This limited warranty can be transferred to subsequent buyers of the Luminaire, provided that such Luminaire is resold in new condition and in its original packaging.

The Manufacturer warrants that the Luminaire, when delivered in new condition and in its original packaging, will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original purchase order. The determination of whether the Luminaire is defective shall be made by Manufacturer in its sole discretion with consideration given to the overall condition and operation of the Luminaire. A Luminaire is considered not defective if the failure of individual LED components is less than 10% of the total number of LED components in the Luminaire.

The Manufacturer determines the Luminaire is defective, the Manufacturer will elect, in its sole discretion to repair, replace or refund the Luminaire. This limited warranty does not cover field labor, freight related costs and service charges related to the replacement of the Luminaire. This Limited Warranty Shall be void and will not apply to: losses or damages to the Luminaire caused by – improper handling, poor storage or improper maintenance, abuse, vandalism, negligence, damage due to fire or acts of God, corrosive environment installations, accident, power surges or fluctuations, improper installations, operating, maintenance or environmental guides prescribed by the Manufacturer or applicable electrical codes, harmonic resonance or oscillation, or improper servicing or alteration of the Luminaire performed by someone other than the Manufacturer or its authorized service and maintenance providers.

The Manufacturer reserves the right to utilize new, reconditioned, refurbished, repaired or remanufactu
red luminaire or components in the warranty of replacement process. Such luminaire and components will be comparable in function and performance to the original luminaire or component, as determined by manufacturer in its sole discretion, and warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

To make a warranty claim, you must first notify the Manufacturer in writing within Thirty (30) days after your discovery of the defect, provide proof of purchase such as the invoice, adequate records of operating history and comply with the Manufacturers other warranty requirements. Upon receiving that notice, Manufacturer may require you to promptly return the Luminaire to Manufacturer, or its authorized distributors or service provider (subjected to the nature of defects) and freight prepaid.

This limited warranty only applies to NIKKON branded Luminaire

This limited warranty excludes, among other items, installation, providing access to products scaffolding, lifts, etc.), and special, incidental and consequential damages (such as loss of revenue/profits, damage to property or other miscellaneous costs not previously mentioned), and is further defined by the limitations and conditions set forth in the respective warranty policy and these terms and conditions.

With respect to products sold to the buyer by Manufacturer but not bearing the NIKKON branded name or sub-brands, the Manufacturer makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, but will make available to the Buyer upon request, but only to the extent permitted by law and relevant contracts, the warranties of the manufacturer of the relevant product.

This warranty is effective for purchases of Luminaire on or after the effective date set forth below. The Manufacturer reserves the right to modify this warranty from time to time. Any modification of this warranty shall be effective for all orders placed with the Manufacturer on or after the effective date of such revised warranty.

One (1) Year – Economy Series of LED Product

  • NIKKON/LIKO 25W, 50W, 70W & 100W LED
  • Floodlight
  • PANNO 150W & 200W LED Floodlight
  • Draco 150W, 200W & 240W LED High Bay
  • Bandit Diffused Batten 20W & 40W

Three (3) Years – Superior Series of LED Product

  • NIKKON S2090N 90W & S2180N 180W LED
  • Floodlight
  • Z Series 150W & 180W LED High Bay
  • S432 20W LED Street Lighting
  • LM Series 24W, 40W & 60W Weatherproof
  • SA Series 18W, 40W & 60W Weatherproof
  • PANEL Light series 18W, 36W, 60W (inclusive of UGR, IP65 and NK)
Five (5) Years – Premium Series of LED Product

  • LFP Series LED Floodlight, wattages range from 40W to 960W (inclusive of LFP NEO)
  • ZEAL Series LED Street Lighting, wattages ranging from 30W to 230W
  • NIKKON S2125 100W & 125W and S2190 190W
  • NIKKON K10112 40W and K10113 60W
  • NIKKON LED Street Lighting Series – S431, S439, S433 & S436
  • NIKKON LED Low Bay K03107 & K03108 Series, wattages ranging from 40W – 160W.
  • S6310 Series LED High Bay, wattages ranging from 40W to 190W
  • HAWK 400W, 600W, 800W LED ASY Floodlight

Limited Warranty of 5 Years or above specifically
applied to nominated project


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